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Shop Towels & Shop Rags

RagsCo has listed here lots of different types of shop towels and shop rags for you to choose from all in one place. Reclaimed Terry Towels also known as Turkish Terry is our most absorbent rag. The blue huck towels are great for lint free tasks. Then there is something new which you may have never seen before. They are our Thin Microfiber Cloths. Durable and inexpensive, washable thin paper towel like cloths. Shop Towels, Diaper Cloth for polishing and super absorption, and finally our amazing microfiber glass towel that is thinner than most glass towels giving you the flexibility to hold nicely in your hand while wiping the window or glass. Streak free and lint free towels. Reclaimed colored knits are just cut up t-shirts made from soft jersey cotton. Another great lint free rag. So there you have it, the run down on many different types of shop towels and shop rags. For premium quality wholesale microfiber cloths go to Rosco Microfiber.
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Reclaimed Terry Towels
Blue Huck Towels
Reclaimed Colored Terry Towels
New 100% Cotton Knit
Reclaimed Terry Towels
Blue Huck Towels
microfiber papertowels
Red or Blue Shop Towels
New Diaper Cloth
microfiber papertowels
Thin Microfiber
Microfiber Glass Towels
Thin Microfiber Cloths Lint Free
Route Ready Shop Towels in Bulk
Shop Towels Bulk
Reclaimed Colored Terry Towel Rags
Colored T-Shirt Rags
New Colored T Shirt rags
Recycled Blue Surgical Huck Towels
Recycled Blue Huck Towels