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Textiles - Rags - Towels

RagsCo textiles consists of recycled cotton t-shirt rags, shop towels, turkish terry towels, recycled white sheeting rags, surgical huck towels and microfiber cleaning cloths.

Recycled White Rags - All the rags that fit under this category are as follows which you can see in our navigation menu. White Cotton T-Shirt Rags, White Fleece Rags, White Flannel Rags, White Sheeting Rags, White Towel Rags, Recycled Bar Mops, and White Washcloths.

Recycled Colored Rags - All the rags that are in this section are colored. T-Shirt Rags, Towels, Fleece, Flannel and Huck Towels.

Which leads us to more Rags & Towels which are NEW.

New WHITE RAGS - Here you will find 100% Cotton Bleached White T-Shirt Rags, 100% Cotton Towels, Bar Mops, Washcloths, and Diaper Cloth Rags.

New Colored Rags - Consisting of T-Shirt Rags, Surgical Huck Towels and Shop Towels.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - Microfiber Cloths, Glass Towels, Micro-Cloths, Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Waffle Weave Towels,Thin Microfiber Cloths and more a flexible Microfiber Glass Towel

Wholesale Towels - Which we have categorized of the following Turkish Terry Towels, White Terry Bath Towels, White Terry Hand Towels, White Terry Washcloths, Gym Towels with Blue Center Strip and Gym Towels with Green Center Stripe.

Restaurant Towels - Our most popular restaurant towels are listed under Herringbone Towels which are a lint free kitchen towel and best used for wiping glasses and kitchen use. Also other popular restaurant towels are bar mops. These bar mop towels come in different weight but most popular is the 28oz or the 32oz. You can buy these either all white or with a blue, green or gold stripe. They are full terry and 100% cotton.