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When shopping for shop towels WHOLESALE you will tend to see the words "Route-Ready". All this means is that the towels have been pre-washed making them super absorbent so they are ready for use once they arrive. We offer these cotton shop towels in natural, red, blue, green and orange at a 155lb normal shop towel weight.

Then there are the "RAW" Natural Shop Towels that have been unwashed that feel like gunny sack material until they are washed. They are at a 175lb weight which is a little heavier weight then the standard shop towel. When you received these new unwashed they are 18"x18". They are also available in the "Route-Ready" which are a pre-shrunk average size of 14"x14", but we sell them as 18"x18" because they came new that size.

BULK Shop Towels

If you purchase Shop Towels in bulk wholesale of 25,000 we offer FREE SHIPPING!
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