Wiping Rags
Questions about wiping rags including how many rags come in a lb, what size to expect and description of most popular wiping rags


All About Wiping Rags
Shopping for wiping rags for the first time can be quite confusing especially if you are not sure what type of cleaning rags you need. Below is a list of our most popular wiping rags with description for you to consider.

  • 100% Cotton White Bleached Knit Rags - 100% Cotton, virtually lint-free, 95% smooth, cut from new domestic mill-end material. New Washed Bleached Knit that has been pre washed and bleached for super absorption capabilities. One of the best wiping rags on the market for painting, cleaning and polishing.

  • New 100% Cotton White Knit Rags - New 100% Cotton T-Shirt Rags that are "Bright White" unbleached, never used and virtually lint-free, 99% smooth, cut from new domestic mill-end material. Great for most painting, polishing, and finishing applications. Durable and absorbent.
Average rag count is about 8-10 pieces per lb.

What are Reclaimed Rags

Reclaimed rags are used, washed and recycled rags for continued cleaning use. Economical rags for large clean-ups and any janitorial cleaning purpose. Most all of our reclaimed rags will be in average size of 14" to 18" but not smaller than 12" or larger than 20". Expect about 10 pieces per lb. depending on the texture of the cotton.

Why Use Recycled Rags

When you use recycled rags you are saving money and helping with keeping our planet clean making recycled rags an Eco-friendly product. Our best recycled rags are the following;
used wiping rags
All White Knit Rags - A term used for recycled white cotton t-shirt rags. Reclaimed All White Cotton Rags are the #1 best selling rags in the USA for all cleaning when a white rag is mandatory.

Colored Knit Rags - A term used for recycled colored cotton t-shirt rags. Reclaimed Colored T-Shirt Rags will be a mix of 100% cotton or 85% cotton and 15% polyester. They are also considered to be the best cotton rags for the price when color is okay for your cleaning purposes.


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - Micro-fibers made from polyester and polyamide. These cloths can capture bacteria, are lint free, scratch-less and super absorbent.

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