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RagsCo Cotton Rags BULK

RagsCo is a Supplier of Recycled Wiping Rags, Shop Towels and Cleaning Cloths. All Cotton Wiping Rags are packaged in a 25lb or 50lb Box, Bale or Pallet. BULK Rags Coast-to-Coast.

RagsCo is a division of Rosco Rags
RagsCo is a supplier and wholesale distributor of All Wiping Rags and BULK Rags.

Wiping Rags

Shopping for wiping rags for the first time can be quite confusing especially if you are not sure what type of cloth wipers you need. Reclaimed wiping rags are used, washed and recycled cloth cut into rag size for best cleaning use. Why Use Recycled Wiping Rags? When you recycle you are saving money and helping with keeping our planet clean making them an Eco-friendly wiping rag. Visit our help section for more generic questions and answers about wiping rags, how many rags are in a pound along with a full description of each rag.

BULK Rags, Wholesale Rags, Wiping Rags

RagsCo supplies all wiping rags in bulk for year round cleaning. All BULK Rags are weighed by gross weight not net at time of delivery. Excludes California. Wholesale rags and prices may change without notice. If your company is looking for wiping rags for large cleanups and spills, we can supply absorbent cotton rags in very large bulk orders as well. If you prefer wiping rags in different quantities other than what is listed here on our storefront, please call and we will calculate price per pound and freight or shipping per your request.