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100% Cotton Diaper Cloths in Bulk

Diaper Cloths in Bulk

: $446.00

Product Code: RR-CH-DIAPER

100% Cotton Diaper Cloth Rags (NEW)

Chinese Regular 2x5x2 Diapers Full Case (20 dozen) est. 50lbs- Diaper Service Quality, 100% cotton gauze that are soft, durable and highly absorbent. We carry these diapers for our customers who prefer diapers with less quilting than our Indian prefolds. These diapers are also packaged within the case in 1 dozen bags. Not quite as soft as the Indian prefolds but more consistent in quality and color. We especially recommend these diapers for embroidery and embellishment. All four sizes of Chinese prefolds have white surging stitching making them excellent blanks for burp cloths.


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